Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dropping out of school?


(Be forewarned, this is a RANT, my opinions make up most of this. You can agree or disagree, or agree to disagree, it doesn't matter. : )

I just read this article at CNN several minutes ago, and by no means does it surprise me. Kids are dropping out at such an alarming rate anymore it's not even funny. But many people ask, who or what is to blame? Is it the kids, the teachers, the curriculum, or none/all of the above? As a recent high school graduate, I did see a growing trend in kids dropping out of school. While just about everyone has an opinion on this, I mind as well go ahead and give mine.

I think the things I mentioned above along with a couple of other things are small factors that influence kids to drop out. But come on, there's more to it than that. Life is easy for the underachievers anymore. Drop out, get a GED, get a dead-end job that will go nowhere, and the government will help you along the rest of your life. Don't get me wrong, government assistance is good when times are bad for people, but when they feed off of it for their whole life? Seriously, we need some major revisions, the government should not give tax dollars from those who actually succeeded in life to those who took the easy way out.

What am I trying to say? Why are we so concerned about people dropping out of high school, when the government basically offers itself to assist them after they do so? We need to quit being so lenient on drop outs, and seeing them as a "victim", for lack of better words. I do give credit to those who drop out, but then go on and do more with their life, and that's good. But how often do you see drop outs do so? Come on, it's not that often.

On the other hand, though, I have a lot to say about our education system, and how I believe it also needs major revisions as well. But, that's for another day.

So to all of those kids out there wanting to drop out because school sucks, or you want to be cute and rebel against the "system", have fun trying to maintain a steady life and income for the rest of your life on you own. Because without that extra motivation to do anything, you'll go nowhere fast, and those welfare checks only come once a month.


I would like my first post to be a greetings to whoever may be reading. Basically this blog will pertain to different things, and will not be dedicated to one specific subject. I will provide a tentative and brief description of some subjects that I will be discussing in this blog.

  • One major subject this blog will deal with is politics or government. Some stories on the television or internet really get me interested, and I more than likely have something to say about them.
  • Another matter will be reviews, thoughts, and comments about certain types of products. This will be about new products, old products, or anything pertaining to them.
  • Lastly, just personal matters that I'll post every once in a while. These are more miscellaneous and spontaneous.
So there you have it, my tentative schedule of subjects I'll be dealing with. I may add, get rid of, or redo any of these, so it's really just a huge guess as to what's going to be posted. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!